Last night, in my dreams, I caught sight of you.
I wanted to kiss you...it was futile.
Your lips rejected my lips.
I attempted to feign, but I could not resist.
A pair of tears raced down my cheeks,
And united on my chin. I awoke, retaining that dream.
How can I explain to my heart that it was
Not a dream?
How can I explain to my soul that my love
No more would emerge in my dreams,
For she had departed to examine distant dreams.
Though my nights are dreamless,
My soul refuses to welcome other dreams.
For my sleepless nights await patiently
For your dream.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first publish poem in 2007; Forever Spoken by the International Library of Poetry.

(this poems was written under Sergio Valencia)

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excellent poetry. keep up the nice work..