She's the one....

Sunshine reflected in her smile,
for a while she was my guiding light,
now I'm living in darkness without her

She was young, I was naive, simply I
saw she needed space but I pushed
her away.

When the moonlight glows, I remember
the sparkle in her eye's, how they would
glisten and shine...

The crazy diamond lost value, now it's
crystals are old, I need my soul mate,
I'm lost without a clue where my angel
is at. She was the one that would've built
my world...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

don't let a good thing past you by.....

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heatherburns35's picture

she's the one

maybe she will reappear someday. good luck.
sweet love poem, but sad

poetvg's picture

Bravo i agree with this :*).
poem 2 keep writing in the future.