Untitled -- 12.25.2005

The choices we make determine our future

The choices we make reflect who we are deep down inside

Sometimes we cannont see

The consequences of our actions

Every action has a reaction

Every action causes good things as well as bad

Every choice we make creates change

Every change is hard to handle

What if??

What if we never voiced an opinion?

What if we never made a decision?

What if we always let someone else run our life?

We would never have to take responsibility for our actions

We could always blame everything bad on someone else

But could we call that living

Or merely existing?

How do we handle the pain brought about by our choices?

How do we know what to do??

Author's Notes/Comments: 

12-25-05 at 2:13 am

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tonitails's picture

your poems have really matured along with you... i believe that this one speaks to many people on different levels... most of us have thought these things at one time or another, and you've voiced them very well