A Knight In Shining Armor

A Knight In Shining Armor

She waits. Her knight in shining armor would soon appear,

She knows this yet she still fears.

Many days, many moons, many, many months held,

Where they began and their end was hard to tell.

Pacing back and forth amid the cold iron bars,

Seems like forever wondering where they are.

They should be here. What ill had befallen?

Surely they lived or her heart would be calling.

Such a bloody scene her mind met the past,

Time seemed to slow yet it had happened quite fast.

No noise was heard along the castle keep,

The occupants surprised from a deep sleep.

Little Mary the young maid of Lady Lila Jean,

Didn’t survive the nightmarish dream.

Though she begged and pleaded the whole time cried,

A sharpened sword met her throat bloods drain then she died.

Battles raged here and yon screams and cries filled the air,

Crimson blood flowed free from a heart laid bare.

It was Nawog, Jessie the cook’s invalid child,

For the first time he feared never before seeing wild.

Nawog was special, protected more than most,

And held a place of value with the castles host.

He couldn’t read or write his speech was slurred,

And though not blind his vision was blurred.

Death and destruction soon a raging fire,

As the flames spread the screams rose higher.

She was grabbed from behind though she struggled for release,

The hands held tight not leaving her peace.

Covered in blood though it wasn’t her own,

They bound and gagged her leaving behind her home.

At one time they had been prepared but after awhile became lax,

In the courtyard she shivered, Wendell lay still his head separated by an axe.

She did this. Not giving in to Lord Avirs demands,

Now his men ravaged her ancestor’s lands.

Only a female he said she could not control,

Now he was proven right and it burned her soul.

Time had passed her reinforcements had not arrived,

Perhaps they had been captured and none survived.

Or perhaps they thought she deserved what she received,

All her brave talk of handling the castle alone she had been deceived.

Hoof beats thundered through the night’s quiet,

And continued on into the mornings first light.

So tired was she but to doze meant fear,

And try as she might she could not withhold a tear.

As the first fell more followed in their wake,

And the soldier’s laughter was more than she could take.

A brook appeared and they stopped to slake their thirst,

But none could she have and she vented a silent curse.

Her pride would not allow a beg nor their pity,

She held her silence and soon they entered a great city.

The streets were busy at her plight they turned a blind eye,

And then so close a hooded stranger passed by.

She saw his eyes and likened them to a sparkling blue sea,

Looking at him she gave a silent plea.

A shake of his head he journeyed on for coins he asked,

Her guards laughed his anger he masked.

They arrived at a castle massive in size,

To the dungeon they took her locking her inside.

So cold and dark rats scurrying here and there,

For an eternity now at these cold walls she stared.

Wait, what’s that screams and yells from somewhere overhead,

Straining her ears to catch the echo of where the footfalls led.

She could here them coming approaching the dungeons stairs,

Fading away now, Oh God please don’t leave her there.

Soon they retraced their path closer they came,

“Arabella, Arabella,” over and over they called her name.

She tried to answer but could not speak,

Lack of food and water had made her throat weak.

Over and over her silent screams but to no avail,

Tears sprang forth as she envisioned remaining here in the pits of hell.Then he came her knight in shining armor with eyes of the sparkling blue sea,Her savior, her rescuer, together now just as it was meant to be.

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