Good Morning My Love

Good morning my love was your sleep a peaceful one?

Did you dream of the stars, moonbeams and golden sun.

Did you dream of us side by side in the midst of it all,

A lover’s magic kiss under the new moons fall.

Such visions, leaping from the golden rays capturing the ground,Look is that a falling star? Lips conquered as I turn around.The transparent wings of hundreds of fireflies,

Swirling in earth’s route flickering, adding further light.

As you held me tightly my body felt your magic

And oh my lover it was so beautiful so romantic,

Such an awesome feel, such a whirlwind of emotions,

Your lips, your body, your touch, the strongest of potions.

Good Morning my love was your sleep a peaceful one?

I know there will be no answer, and what’s done is done.

But I can tell myself that over and over and again once more

Just hoping someday you will walk through that door.

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i love this poem .