I Love You Goodbye


I cried so hard, for you today,

Tried to form the words I would say.

How can you tell someone, that you love them so,

But it's time for me, to let go.

The ice around my heart, slowly melted away,

With your smiles and your laughter, the words, that you spoke, each day.

In you I cannot find Fault this is true,

For you didn't make me Fall in love with you.

I really don't know when it happened, or how it came to pass.

I only know it happened, way to fast

It's really a heart breaking thing, but it’s my fault,

The blame is on me.

I knew from the start, the situation as it is,

But it's time to say good bye, to you, my friend.

I'll never forget you, there’s no way I could.

But if I stay, it will come to no good.

I've cried so much, I've cried so hard,

Hating to face life without you, but knowing we must part.

I thought I was strong, thought I was tough, but this pain, that I'm feeling now,

Well I give up, I've had enough.

I've thought about this in the long, slow hours of the night,

Thought so much about how it would feel to have you hold me tight.

You've always been there for me, and it’s with deep regret,

I'm setting you free.

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Maija Elizabeth's picture

Very well written.
And I can tell from the heart.