A friend was lost,

Many hearts feel sad,

So sudden came the pain.

A soul adrift,

Free at last,

To be at peace on another plane.

Loving memories sustain

Those left behind,

To help all dry shed tears.

He left his mark

On all who loved,

For them, he's always near.

For all he was,

And all he gave,

In our hearts, he'll always be.

Now soaring high

Amongst the stars,

Before the grace of God goes he.



© September 27, 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~LadyHawke's Land Beyond The Myst~http://www.geocities.com/ladyhawkesWelcome to a medieval and peaceful land, where romantic poetry and fine art consumes your soul. Drift in the serenity and soft music, be at peace with yourself and let love set your heart aglow!

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a.griffiths57's picture

Farewell to a friend:



I think that people can take refuge in your words of this poem at the loss of a friend. Realy good write, I enjoyed your poem.




Afzal Shauq's picture

wow what a sweet and meaningful farewell...great feelings and lovely written