Light bestowed upon gentle man,

Come walk with me, take my hand,

Let me share with you this day,

The many things I have to say.

A friendship nurtured will root and grow

Between two souls, this we know.

But muddled thoughts could cloud the way,

Unless one can stow them deep away.

Yet, open souls give greatest gifts,

So friendships bloom with joy that lifts

The other to heights, before unknown

Sharing thoughts to feel less alone.

Hands outstretch towards friends that teach

Of the happiness that they can reach.

Borrow from their strength and grace

To stand upon an even base.

If you choose to wander with me,

Keep open eyes, see what I see.

The beauty of life two friends can share

With trust and honour to show they care.



© April 26, 2004

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~LadyHawke's Land Beyond The Myst~ to a medieval and peaceful land, where romantic poetry and fine art consumes your soul. Drift in the serenity and soft music, be at peace with yourself and let love set your heart aglow!

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cevance's picture

A wonderful read. Nice flow

A wonderful read. Nice flow and rhyme.

allets's picture

So Nice

Your poetry is very nice, a pleasant read, a rhyme that sings - Lady A