I can feel it ebbing away my flesh!!!!!

I can feel it tearing away my heart.

I can feel you, wanting me to cutt.

But NO NO NO!!!!!!!!

I can feel you wanting me to do something destrutive.

But I will and Can not do that. *sigh*

So i will write.

I will tell the world you are bad for me. I will tell the world you are bad for her too.

I will tell the world not to belive you anymore.

I will tell them you are not my "dragon" I have beaten you

I have defeted you before.

I will not tarnish the name of  a "dragon" for you.

I will call you "emily" my Demon, that will die someday.

My inner child that is stupid,.

My inner child who need to be cut off.

My innerchild will stop at nothing to hurt me.

She is twisted me before, and she is trying again.

She is the one who inflicts my pain.

she is the one who wears her heart on her sleve.

so others can twist it.

so others can inflict pain.

She loves to see me in pain

She loves it when I answer the darkness

and at times I love the darkness too. *sigh*

Author's Notes/Comments: 

10/28/03 edited on 03/22/04 after a good crituqe of anoher poem.. Thank you huck *smile*

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Had a friend that had two friends like your "emily". One called "Annie" the other called "Mea". Mea was the vicious one that caused her to cut herself with razor blades if she ate food. "Annie" just shamed her and made her feel guilt. She would go out late night early morning and run down the beach until she litteraly dropped from the exhaustion, but we stayed by her, and she found an anchor for her life that resolved a lot of issues and is finally, somewhat healthy. We thought we had lost her a few times and as much as she pushed us away, we wouldn't let go. It took a lot out of us, but we felt we saved a friend. If this is really about you, get help and find your anchor.

Hugs and Peace