My Love

You say you love me

you say you love me

why now, why not when I needed to hear these words

Why are you telling me when I am in a bad place

Why oh why did he say it now

Why did he lie to me

Why are you doing this

All I want to do is tear your face off

I want to kick and scream at you

I want to hurt you like you have hurt me

I want to make you feel the pain I am feeling

I want to keep you on a string like you lead me around on for so long

I do not hate

I will not hate

For it is an emotion you should never have from me

For it is way to close to love

why do you tell me now

What do you excpet me to do

How can you ask for a second chance

when you have had so many?

How can you excpet me to truly love you again

How? Why? NO way in HELL

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is dedicated to the father of my second child.. For he is my ultimate love ,and will always be, but never agian.. Will I let him hurt me the way he has in the past

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