Wings of Fur

I'm tired of flying

I'm tired of looking for a home

I'm tired of trying to make it work

I'm tired of trying to love you

I'm tired of your lies to me,

I am just so tired of you

I want you gone

I want you out of my life

I no longer love you

I no longer want you

I no longer want to fly hovering over your house

For I have found a home

I want to call it my own

I want to make it my own

For mysake not yours

I want to be happy I want you to be happy with out me

Leave me be !!!!!!!!!!

I want to never hear of you again

I never want to see you again

My wings are no longer going to fly to you

They will flap away your fur

they will beat upon the ground to make you run

I will breath fire and ice on you if I have to

To get you to leave me alone...

I no longer want "wings of fur"

I want "wings of scales" like a dragon should have

I no longer want to clean up furballs

I no longer want to hear "meow"

I no longer want to hear "kitten"

I no longer want to see that name again

I no longer want you..

SO LEAVE ME BE !!!!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My final goodbye to someone.
I just hope she gets the message this time

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Brandi Thompson's picture

I am so sorry I hurt you so bad a couple years ago, I wish I could take it back, but that I can not. You still mean so much to me. Again, I am sorry for hurting you so terribly bad. Hope we can be friends for always!!!