~An Affair To Remember~

Brought to you with love today

Looking down with such delight

Keeping you happy day by day

As the moon up above watch us by

Entertaining you all the way

What a wondrous duet now we make

Keeping you in my prayers everyday

Brushing with bright colors skies of gray.

Looking down with such delight

Thru this sacred time of  the day

Watching the birds burst into flight

Till they  fade away out of sight.

Water making magic on this moonlit shore

For us a quiet reprive is this place

Everywhere grace just seems to pour

Watching my love your lovely face.

Heart and soul now fly away

Where love fill us with unending glow

Where rainbows everyday we can see

And our shared love can just grow.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


February 4,2010

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