~My Love~

(Rhyme poem)

There are some things that money cannot buy

And there isn't much that for love I couldn't try

'Cause your love for me is something really great

You're my true angel here on earth,you are so sweet.

Some people seek, but they can never find their true love

They comply to all that's false instead of one from above

But we are so lucky, we have found it that blessed day

And since then my heart sings and for you can freely fly.

There's nothing in this world that for you I couldn't do

I can't help myself if sometimes I get lost into your eyes

No money in this world can give us what you and I have

Everyday my heart and body your sweet loving just crave.

Through the years we've shared lots of good times and strife

We've been thru hell and back,but still,we'll make it thru life.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


Feb 4,2010

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