~Dark Lover~


This is a hell of a tale

Veiled mysteriously in black

In a night covered all of white

When slowly was dying the night

Extracting remnants of the day

And creating into another one life

There she was full of life

In this sad and moving tale

I'm to tell you about this day

When her world became all black

When she dreamt of love at night

With dreams purer than snow white

When her world was covered of white

And to her was precious life

It was just like this very night

When was weaved this tale

Some say her world turned black

Just as her life was marked by day

You could see her every day

Sitting by the sea dressed in white

When the day started to turn black

And around her all that has life

Began to spin quickly this love tale

Switching daylight by turning the night

Her lover always accompanied her at night

But nobody ever saw him during the day

People started to talk and fabricate tale

Paled as she dressed all of white

All of sudden seemed lacking life

Moonlight glowing on her hair so black

His shadowy figure attired in black

Ebony cape as black as the ivory night

Started to descend materializing life

Forever hiding sunlight every single day

From his pristine eyes her soul as white

With the harsh reality ending this fairy tale

Turning her world black every single day

And every night and thus making her white

Romance of a lifetime into a horrifying tale!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



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wolfangel87's picture

I like the poem a lot!!!

It is very powerful!