~Frozen In Time~


Her nose was glued to the glass

Wrapping(sometimes)pieces together

Of her own lonely heart frozen

In time, with thoughts scattered upon the grass

Waiting impatiently for the benign weather

When dreams are embraced and chosen

Her thoughts of course are not chosen

Emerging from corners and breaking as glass

They're moody and unstoppable as the fresh weather

Bringing to her so many memories together

Countless and happy like beddings of flowers and grass

That she sees all the time afore the mountains are frozen

In her mind the windows of times lay frozen

In whenever sometimes she has chosen

As seeds little by little bursts with new grass

And her memories come dancing enclosed in glass

Blending everything together

As she watches through her window the weather

She knows that in this merciless and cold weather

Nothing can be done for the streets are muggy and entirely frozen

And all she desires now is to keep her thoughts together

Knowing that whatever she does has to be so carefully chosen

She deeply sighs holding a wine glass

Remembering those happy days that she had before the frost withered her grass

Then the summer rain came and watered the grass

Thunder and lightning teasing the weather

And the sand of time never stops filling the glass

Sometimes she feels as she is frozen

Doubting one more time again what she has chosen

While dreaming of that long time ago when they spent hours together

She wishes and wishes that they were still together

But spring and summer and fall are now gone and frost blankets the grass

What's done is done and has already been by her chosen

She holds aloof the view from her window through the cold and seasonal weather

Standing in time again she's frozen

While the sand continues filling her hour-glass

She's aware that everything comes together with the weather

As she envisions spring grass again under the sky frozen

Knowing that she's chosen right as she's staring the glass

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



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