God can have anything that He desires as you may know by now,

But He wants you to come to Him in your own time,

Because that's what you really choose to do with your life

And God gave us all the will to choose between wrong and right

God wants you to accept Him as soon as possible, because "He loves you" and,

That's what you really want to do with the rest of your life,

And not because you have to, God doesn't have to force anyone,

He didn't created any robots, but created us perfect in His own image

There are innumerable times when we find ourselves faced

With terrible tribulations and undesirable  pain and sorrows,

And when we don't know with certainty what to do or where to go

Jesus wants to be right there with you in all your problems and your woes

God wants you to accept His only Begotten son, the One who died for you and me,

Jesus wants to be the center of your life and come to live inside your heart too,

God wants to be always  there  with you and me for the rest of our remaining days,

He wants you to seek Him and call Him every time that you may need Him to…

There are many who only seek Him and call out His mighty name in times of trouble,

And God so loving and forgiving wants to be there with you always, no matter what,

He desires more than anything your  unconditional love and prayers to Him, in everything that you do,

He just wants to be your best friend, and cherish every single happy and sad moment everywhere, with you!


Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



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