I know that there are so many things I can do

Do you know that this applies for you too?

I also know that no matter what anybody says

You can always arrive to,what it seems, just a dream!

There are also certain things that we can not do

Things which are quite impossible sometimes to realize

But how do we know for sure this, if we don't give it a try first?

I try so hard to hear God's voice all the time not just idealize

Goals may not be reached sometimes right away

Most of the time like we all want them in our lives

But be patient, please, as a rule in life,everything takes time

Specially with those good things for which, we've waited for so long

Remember, that Rome wasn't built in one single nighttime

Dreams can come true for you too, but you have to give it some time!

Go ahead,try it,you can do it too!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



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