Creating memories is what I enjoy mostly to do

Wondering in my heart all the time about you

And  how so fast the days and  years go by

And as I gather happy memories of you I sigh!

Knowing that I’ve been after all so blessed

All these years in good and bad times  too

No matter what may have pushed me to the edge

Jesus was always there to catch me and hear my woes

That’s why is so important to find in all the beauty

To seek  what’s good in every day that we may have

Don’t  dwell in what is bad, but remember the good times,

I know forgetting is not easy  but time to waste we don’t have

Creating  memories is what I enjoy most to do I must add

Reliving all the good times and just leaving out the bad

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000




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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Love this piece,music outstanding and picture just wonderful.How sad the ship of old has gone to its rest,how sad the glory of it day no longer exists.So yes whatever the created memories are,all are important..I really love this music...