~T'was The Night Before Christmas~


T'was the night before Christmas

Didn't have a single dime to spare

I've lost almost everything in my name

Katrina left me with nothing I swear

My clothes came from Salvation Army

And the  food from the Red Cross

Wilma came for a visit too and poof!

That really made me so angry and so crossed

My roof leaks now even if doesn't rain

And the job I had is lost and gone

Forget about presents and turkey day

At least I dream with all the stores and coupons

The power is out didn't have money to pay

In the dark I try not to pout and swear today

My credit cards are in deep trouble and my

Bank account probably won't see another new day

But waiting are cookies and milk  for Santa

Maybe this year he can be really nice to me

Every time I  see his jolly face I still

Feel like laughing all the way on Christmas Day too!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


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Twas the night before christmas
and all through the house
i could hear strange noises
but it weren`t no mouse

It may be old saint nick up on the roof
and the strange noises i heard
was from the reindeer hoof

I heard him laugh as he slid down the chimney
with a basg of gifts and they was a plenty