My heart is breaking so bad

in many pieces I do know

somebody I love so much

it's tearing my world in two.

I do love her so

but she doesn't seem to care

that girl of mine, has it all wrong

she's going in a bad journey, I just know.

We try to help her countless times,

my patience in time has ran out,

I am so tired and completely drained

to the very bottom of my soul.

I've done my best as a mom,

all the best that I knew how;

to bring her all the best

since that day,that she was born.

She was the sweetest little girl, once,

now I can't reach her anymore

now she thinks she's so grown-up and

that she knows it all, but she doesn't!

We don't know what to do with her

to make her really understand

we only want what's best for her

even now more than she's an adult.

Dorian Petersen Potter

AKA LadyDP2000


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