Unfinished poems,

Unsharpened pencils everywhere,

Piles of poetry and art books,

Upon my crowded shelves and desk,

Filling my years and days,


Cups of coffee or cold cup of tea,

Lipsticks in different shades of

Pinks and mauves,

Red and pink roses once fresh,

Now fading away, so slow inside

A crystal vase.

Day by day,

Going inside and over my head,


Crazy touches here and there,


TLC and perceptions, invading all

My working spaces and full days,

Unfinished drawings and foggy paintings,

Undefined moments and unrwritten poems,

Sombre, sitting across me,

Spending some time with D.H.Lawrence

Pablo Neruda,Vincent and Dali,

What great moments as I sit back

Closing  my tired eyes,

Nothing to worry now,just enjoying

These treasured moments,

I just let then,all my reflections in,

To fill for me, all of my visions

And dreams!



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Teresa Jacobs's picture

Dear Dorian, Don't know what I can say. Every time I read you writings I am inspired and impressed. You are good girl!!! Thaanks! Bye! Teresa

Melvin Lee's picture

Do we share the same desk?~! Or is it a clone for others around the world? hahaha. Nice poem...very descriptive. Thanxs for sharing, Dorian.

vjochum's picture

Very Nice!! Hey, you described my desk! lmao Hmmmm, your making me think now. Maybe tonight I'll just relax with those books that keep calling me to turn their pages. Love reading T.S. Elliott and Rabindanot Tagore. They take me far far away....