A New Born Angel

English poems

The angels cried softly that night

when they heard of my lonely plight.

But I saw a much sorrowful sight

that in many hearts did bite.

When you had to perform the rite▬

bid me goodbye, bid me goodnight,

all in tears, dressed in white▬

pain and sorrow in your hearts ignite.

My time with you was much too tight.

I never did see the light.

But in mom’s womb love incite,

making sure that it still grows right.

I know that we all did fight,

but this is what it has to be outright.

The love you showered, now my wings in flight,

Now in your hearts I will alight

My tears will wash the sorrows off your hearts tonight,

and the sun, tomorrow will shine so bright

I will sing to you in such polite

Your heart dad my soul will excite

And mom for you I shall be the knight

As I travel now with the angels who cried that night

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Afzal Shauq's picture

it;s a good poem too.. you write good in english too...and hope you will add more poems in english... better to be a good poetess as you are already... hope you keep words and go through my poems and let me know in litle more detail...if my poetry touch your heart or not? thans for sweet wprds