Come back to me

My songs

Where, where in the night will I find you

How will I know you are there

Can I be sure that it’s you

Oh please tell me so

I, I have been searching for so long

Trying to find someone like you

Where will I see you now

Please tell me what to do

If only you didn’t have to leave

Maybe it’ll still be us

Please come back to my life

I’m too afraid of the dark

Please come back to me and please tell me

Tell me that you still care

I need you here by my side

Oh please come back to me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is another poem that I've made into a song, I think this is the second poem that I've made into a song

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Obaid Sardar's picture

u r a gud song writer. why dun you make a band of urz.u could b pretty famous...