Last Light

English poems

It's the moon chasing the sun again

While the wind blows away the leaves

that have been long dry

The roots of the trees are weakened

by the poisoned soil

Could it be that the earth is dying?

And where will I go then?

To sea where the fishes used to swim

To the dessert where the snakes lay awake

waiting for a prey?

Should I go anywhere?

Should we be anywhere than here?

When the darkness wins over the light

Will the moon still chase the sun?

Will the moon still light the night?

Now that the stars no longer shines

And no birds fly the sky

And the plants turned green to brown

Where should we be going?

Should we wait for our last light?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 1997, I can't quite remember how I ended up writing this one

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Obaid Sardar's picture

Well AWESOME girl...I didnt read this one....girl u r v talented
Where were you....why didnt i meet you early...lolz...
well another Gud work