The prayer

English poems

Dear Lord, help me each and every day of my life

That as my children grow, so will I grow with them

That I be the best parent and treat them like gem

Help me oh Lord to shower them love, make it rife

Pull me away from temptations, let me to flee

Lord, help me make a good example of my life

Should there be shadows about me, remove the strife

Help me keep myself free of things to destroy me

Open my mind and give me more understanding

So that I may know of the world that they now heed

Let me be able to understand what they need

Let me step down a few from where I am standing

Lord, at times when I am away from my young ones

Let me trust them and help me to open my mind

And when I should arrive home so tired, down my hind

Give me extra strength to talk and sit on my buns

Help me use but kind words of love on my children

In correcting them, keep me always very calm

When I lose my temper let me not use my palm

Lest give me time to understand what’s to happen

When wrong is committed and punishment needed

Help me to discern, let me think rationally

Prevent me from using my power overly

Keep my heart beating as my mind’s being pleaded

Finally my Lord, remind me always that I

More than being a parent should be also friend

To my children who’d look up to me ‘til the end

This I offer and pray to You, who is most High

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incredible piece
and writing on this