"No Other May Compare"

No other may compare with this Peruvian sunset,
The solarization vanquished by the height of the impenetrable Andes.
They tower over the Pacific nations, 
Silently watching the moon reflect off the sleepless, native seas.

No other may compare with this Viennese Autumn,
The edelweiss rhythmic in a lilting chemical wind.
Their petals sway softly as their white sparks the meadows,
Preparing Vienna for a mild winter.

No other may compare with this Bostonian cloudburst,
The ripples along the harbor fuzing with the cold currents.
The skyscrapers divert the atmospheric winds,
As lightning paints the horizon with an electric verve.

No other may compare with this night that sleeps in silence,
This ambience as it quiets this parlous, avid planet.
May thou rest thy eyes, thy mind, thy soul;
Let the stars protect the skies, until the sun returns.

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