i like my syrup right from the spout now do you know what the fuck im talking about im talking about that drug that hardcore fucking drug if you ant got it your ganna feel like you got a bug dont even wanna get out of bed to give your girl a hug ya thats that fucking drug now let me tell you about another one at first it seems hella fun till you need another one ya thats that fucking pill its got you feeling ill dont know how to deal with bullshit so you say i'll only do alitte bit before you take it you better shit now your chest is kinda tight 50 hydros gone befor the end of the night knowing your ganna need more now your girls a hor the one you ador thats what that shit will do come back around and fuck you lets talk about coke that shit ant no joke nothing funny could get you money could get you jail useing the money you made for bail the drug life ant ever ganna be fair so play your part if you dare go out an get your share were all living in sin so get locked up an do it again lets go out on a binge overdose wake up pop some more and get comatousted like you dint just overdose lifes a party and im the host i dont give a fuck cause im higher than the rest i came from the family nest and i was the best just here to make a mess fuck all of that turn my hat back so you can see my eyes you dont know about the cries cause of the lies but its for me to deside shit ill wait for it to subside then i'll start to share but you probly wont care cause you cant stand to bare the truth cause it might hurt short like a skirt i dont care what you think cause your gone when i blink wanna be me youll sink your soft like the pink but the dirty pink that might stink an i dont give a fuck ima still be high till the day i die
by kyle aaron cohen

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reminds me

of the old days in a haze of confectionery glaze with the comatose that pays a hell of a lot more than a zone, player made straight to you dome light up your phone or better yet in my day the beeper buzzing like the JL audio 18" speaker in the back of the fleetwood braugham yeah you better believe i know em because back in that daze i played all those deadly games if you don't know just look at my wrap yeah my fingers dipped in black and smudged up on the page left about 10 friends in the grave nothing pink about this stitch better come up off my lip

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word pretty dope man

word pretty dope man