Oliver and Otto


Meet Oliver                                 Meet Otto

He’s nineteen                                        He’s nineteen

From Devon                                                from Dahlen

Has a mother; her name is Rose                                                     has a mother her name is Romy

Has a father named Ronald                                                                                 Has a father named ralph

Has a sister; Anna aged 10                                                                                        Has a sister; Aida aged 10

Has a girlfriend; Georgia. A beautiful brunette                Has a girlfriend Gertrie. A ravishing red head

He was fighting for his country.

  Flanders field to be precise

He was shot in the heart apparently. Dead at an instant

Flanders Fields is their resting ground

Had a girlfriend; Georgia. A Beautiful Brunette                Had a girlfriend Gertrie. A ravishing Red head

Had a sister ; Anna aged 10                                                                                      Had  a sister Aida aged 10

Had a father named Ronald                                                                                 Had a father named ralph

Had a mother; her name is rose                                                     Had a mother her name is Romy

From Devon                                                From Dahlen

He was killed aged nineteen                                              He was killed aged nineteen


RIP Oliver RIP Otto

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hey im Kirsy. I owuld love you to check this out and give me feedback. This is my first ever poem i have written!

I was getting a bit emotional around remeberence day and thinking of all those poor men who were dragged into a war they had no cluewhy they were fighting it. This poem is taken from two soliders who only had one difference. Fighting for the other side.

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Oliver and Otto

It seems to me you have understood the most important thing about remembrance and respect, I like the way you have presented your work in a highly original format, good luck with you writing it shows great promise.