A courtesan`s Art

I preformed
midnight act
Sentient scent
Venusian balm
of victorian lady 

Enticing the silence 
wihilst my ruby coloured 
satin skirt, swayed
in fumes of myst 

Lillac lillies 
would bow their heads 
whilst I hold my fan 
slightly shake it 

Swift before my noble nose 
and luring lips 
my eyes 
drawing you in 

As you stare into embedded embers 
flakes forming faintly 
from within 

magnitising your magma 
fragrance of moon 

sunkissed soon 
sunkissed soon
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wihilst and myst - I like the alternates: a time past, lilac lilies are wondrous.

~Lady A~




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Thank you much

That word made me smile

Guess I am a romantic at heart


Lady K