The nautic art of letting go

By the side of the Sea 
She gives me glimpses 

of distance lost 
Of figures dancing 
upon mirrors beyond time 

Through thought 
I am writing calligraphic lines 
that make the water glisten 
in orbits of reflection 

Two white swans answer 
swimming closer towards me 
At first glance they offer me 
their compassion 

One by one they lower 
their ivory necks 
One sips in fresh water 

The other curls up 
resting its head 
upon it`s featheredness 

From it`s crib 
the swan 
beholds me 

It sails like a small 
white boat 
behind the other 

This moment 
was meant 
that way 

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are georgeous!

              BLACK LIVES MATTER!

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They are

This poem is based on a real moment. I was waiting for the bus on a spring day

Had a lot of time so I sat by the sea and then the swans came

It was a very precious moment