Love Poems

Love is a flag flown high from my castle,

 my heart, My heart!

I find him, ever so mysteriously in my heart

I hoped with many tears that one day

I might receive my needed release,

a rescue from this high dark tower.

Loneliness is a dark taskmaster,

evil oppression of gloom,

muck and miry chasms in dark cold despair

chambers of hopelessness, nothingness.

But, light broke forth and

 Now, I watch for him and

when I see him coming through the glades of joy,

happiness warms me ,rays of hope restored

and those cruel chains drop,unable to restrain me.


It is then that I fly my flag

high from the castle of my heart.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes I've thought my romantic notions, very naive.

But the heart wants what the heart wants.

Fairytales sometimes do come true.


Dedicated to those who are jaded:)

I wish you Love

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Excellent use of the

Excellent use of the metaphor.


[ * /+/ ^ ]

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I really like this

I wrote something after I just read it.

You got me into it.