When we met, I liked your kindness, tough as you were to the eyes.

inside was a loving soul ,the "Quiet man".

We were friends instantly,constantly,consistently,no toil,boil, just loyal.


In time,I loved you and you me. It was grand, much passion for our life together . much joy shared in good times and bad.

In, how much time that passed,I'm not certain,but daily life grew busy with cares,life, and stares straight ahead,passion waning,left with yearning,burning

with only memories of former days with you. 

There was no real attempt from you to reconcile,freezing me out to being lonely , albeit,not alone. The emotional responses are felt the same.

i might as well have been a fly on the wall!


When you became so suddenly struck down with the fucking stroke,

I cried,felt alone, the world in celebration of the New Year, while my future was bleak and so uncertain,alone, alone, frightened of unknown.


I took care of you, brought you back to an outwardly whole man.

I gave it all!

I worked two jobs to support us, took care of you and burned myself out for you. Totally, unconditionally devoted. I believe that is how love is!

I love you,yet! I can't forget!

I cried, cried, tried to please you.

For what? You didn't care for anyone,but how you felt.

Ignore me,deplore me,fight,me,hate the sight of me.

i felt worthless and despised.

And twenty years passed by.


Now your gone, passed over, I'm alone, but peace is finally mine,

I'm at home with myself.

At least peace smiles.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

True story.

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