Gleaming the Cube ( a Skateboard prose)




He expertly ollies to the

kick-flip with his brand new 

Element rip stick, 

elemental tricks are essential

so he has to ride it smoothly

grinding the rail with expertise

kicking faster and faster

riding along at quickspeed

wind zephyrs through his hair

body gliding through the air

free sliding, slip sliding

keeping up the pace

eyes hearing, all knowing

a wonderous race

against yourself

no one else

leaning into the right

making the curve

counter balance

mind reeling fun

looking for a chance 

to do the ultimate trick

c mon skip up and slide the rails

jump the five easy steps

lean again to a radical turn

no turning back

no turning back

catching air, do a kick-flip

board goes round, meets his feet

take it nice and easy now

hitting the ramp, up up and over

push push adrenaline rush

eyes glazed heart beat wild

becoming one with the board 

mastering his every move.

I am a Bird


the master of pavement

one with the movement 

one with the wind

one with himself

gleaming the cube

polish it feel it

absorb it reeling in your mind

with euphoric overload

and suddenly he skids, falls

rolling and tumble rough

over and over

reap the pain

with nothing to gain

losing all control 

flying like a rag doll

a complete skin shredding disaster.


he is no longer the master

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Annual Skateboard Championships

I catch it while switching channels. -skillful, like the half-pipe fast, dangerous, but oh, the agony of defeat and the ecstasy of victory!



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ive got friends that were into it .

thanks for comment .



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