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You are still so daily on my mind

I can't imagine what I might have done

My thoughts have been so unkind

It seemed right and then you'd gone


I've now got blues that I can't shake

You're still so clearly on my mind

It seems more than I can take

without answers that I can find


You just dropped clear outta sight

Not leaving a single clue

I'll not give up without a fight

Until I know just what to do.


You'll have to tell me how you feel

Even if it's more than I can take

I'd need to know if it's not real

Cuz I've got blues that I can't shake..


I can't shake it, no I can't 

You are so clearly on my mind

And no answers can I find

Cheryl Koomoa 

© 2016! Cheryl Koomoa (All rights reserved)

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workm's picture


Shake it off, with your ink, a new beginning, is what I think.. No more tears, even fear, do your best, nothing less..;)

Sassylass's picture


Thank you, I have let that painful experience go.

writing is cathartic !






Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



Morningglory's picture

I know these feelings very

I know these feelings very well. I been through it. They just drop out. Big hugs Kook. Peace out. <3

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