Bohemian Love

Love Poems



An emerald owl upon her piano,

an Indian rug beneath bare feet;

Eyes closed,she plays, pale in candle light

Whilst his apparition longingly listens

Moonlight on lake glistens

Cedars swaying along in delight


A myst'ry,bohemian mystical dreams

night jasmine knows what love is

What is romance if not vivid color

betwixt us,ambivalent two lovers

as bright stars, of night, shine above us .


Chanting,she sits on a brass bed

she transcends her love far away

and him,not aware,while fast asleep

a bewitching spell that he must now keep

He'll be hers in less than a day



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KindredSpirit's picture

I didn't fall

For the spell

But I wanted too

After she was long gone

The wizard that I Am

Figured out the spell

And the resistence

That I had

To her witchy ways

I want to roll over now

Just so we can play.


Thinkin about a girl I let go

And wishing for another one now

Sassylass's picture

It spoke

To you,thanks

interesting comment.

i wish you well without a spell


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....