Miles From Nowhere



Relentless hot sun

parched longing; just a mirage

a lonely sojourn


desert wanderer

my soul thirsts for refreshment

hidden oasis

crystalline pools of pleasure

your blue eyes reflecting love


Sol brutally preys

hungry heart,quietly beats

traveling a long road home to you


sunset brushes pink

relieving all pain inside

Luna answering

shelter till dawns early light

finding solace in your arms


desert starry night

someone to watch over me

feelings warm inside


dawning of new day

thirsting for love again

brutal elements

my broken heart cries for you

real love always finds a way


we're miles from nowhere

slowing down, end of the road


destined to survive

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Choka form





757 or 575 Couplet 

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lyrical beauty

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That's quite a comment

I so appreciate it!

music is in poetry

tthank you!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....