Dark Poetry

Oh please let me hold you close, 
and dry your waterfall tears. 
regrets pouring out of your soul, 
into a reservoir filled full of fears. 

Living with uncertainty, unable to cope, 
in the bleakness of a moonless night. 
abandoned by humanity, 
shivering with chills in unfathomable fright. 

There is no where to hide, no place to go; 
your childhood dreams were all torn away.... 
and roiling doubts began conflate 
unraveling fragile psyche to fray. 

Deeper chasm of depression,
now the bottle becoming your friend.
in the maliciousness of cold devastation,
where obscure dark tunnel had no end.

This is real life on the cold streets,
disillusioned, lost, without a home 
waiting too long for death to arrive,
drifting into twilight, agonizingly alone. 

Your broken heart hitting the pavement,
like a snowflake drifting to ground.
pouring rain into an oblivion puddle,
silently making no sound.

The indifferent world rushes on by,
as hands on the clock stands still.
too paralyzed with pain even to try,
relentless despair is murdering your will.

In this lonely moment, I hold you ever so near,
As your spirit flies free, quietly drifting above.
Nothing left for you here in this wicked world....
All your heart desired in this life was love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

At 17, I was homeless for awhile. 

This poem is about a person who died as I watched.

Ive a never ending compassion for those who are destitute or homeless

Not all drink or use drugs

all are humans in peril.

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mrpoofs's picture heartfelt. This is heartfelt. This is amazing, in the best of saddening ways. I've been homeless before too...was kinda terrible, but wouldnt trade it for the world. Met some wonderful people, helped those in need, learned how unfathomably unfair life can be...but resiliance is beautiful indeed. Really like the third to last stanza. Love the darkness!

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written in such away I forgot

written in such away I forgot My own demons for a moment  

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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for reading this a commenting.

i should write about the many other things I have survived.

some death might be easy,some I've seen, horrible getting dead..

living is hard, I'd agree, but not all survive by refusing death.

i wouldn't say that of fifty people shot to death in Orlando.


i am a positive person and ifI did write about all I've survived, I doubt I'd be believed.

my intent here was awareness.

i think it important.

thanks again,



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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This was very moving. I could feel your pain as I read your words, and I am so glad you were able to overcome and move forward. 



Peace and Love,



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Because I had help

i was off the street in a few months. Without an address one can't get a job and vice versa. Many become mentally ill. When I could be I spent time in a library, reading or writing.

Friends let me use their address so I could get a job.

i still had to find safe places to sleep during the day.

its best to look for food and stay on the move all night.

Its an experience that doesn't ever leave.

once I did ,I had help with a place to shower ,dress for work and save money until I got my own place.

after that I worked and did college until my first husband and I married.


this write is about the death of one man I had befriended.

Many die from being homeless every year.

it breaks my heart.

thanks for the read and well wishes.

i hope it does make people think twice about sharing a few bucks here and there when they cross paths with homeless people.

there are so many now from losing homes.


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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I wish you the absolute best in life whatever you do. And I am so touched and  inspired by hearing what you have overcome. It is heartbreaking to know how many people suffer from homelessness and I also hope your words encourage others to give what they can to the homeless. 

Peace and Love,



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You are

My new favourite .


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Here In Michigan

The mental health facilities were closed and emotionally challenged roamed the streets. Shelters and houses opened but the powerless were thrown away. Yes, help and write the check or volunteer if you can. I did not know about California. informative comments.