My Promise

Let it be known

That I am in Love with you.

My heart you own,

You hold this to be true.

I will always love you

With all my heart.

Wherever life takes us

We will never be apart.

Our love is deep

Our bond is strong,

I know one thing,

I know we belong.

So with this ring

I promise you,

I will always be here,

I will always be true.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my beautiful girlfriend/fiancee whom i will marry some day

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I Never Married

I am awed by marrieds, they finish each other's sentences and begin to look alike after sixty years or so. Talking to them is like talking to one person. They consult - they live by vows - admirable. Congratuations - you found your soul copy - :D



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Thank you very much for your comments. It is nice to see that people enjoy my work. I admit I haven't written much in the past few years, but I am looking to getting back into it.