Kinda' Girl

I'm kind a Girl

Who wants to be like a Pearl

Protected by You

Loved by a very few

I want your care

for being;becoming

somebody so rare

I'always expect, 

but do not get anything..

I'm ignored like

a messed up; I nod

You make Cry over,

As if i'm somebody to Toy

You hurt me over

I close my eyes,

Tired of taking a sigh

All I'm in need is attention

That's why I'd never mention

Thinking someday you'll read

my Heart & mind,

I always step on a side

All I search is your Love

which is how someway 

I get a bit above,

Hoping someday you'll

understand my pain,

Whenever I'll be in vain

Rest the story goes with your


Cause Love ain't something

One can ever force over

It just floats ... 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The way I've felt in time of need, Time of a call..

Heed the call... ω

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palewingedpoetess's picture

I enjoyed your poem but keep in mind..........

this line here will set you up for a big fall always if you believe such things

THINKING SOMEDAY YOU'LL READ MY HEART AND MIND............. Kittie dear, nobody and I mean nobody except God almighty is a mind and heart reader. In any relationship always communicate clearly what you want or need. Another person can not be expected to just KNOW that stuff. If you rely on that then you will set yourself up to be hurt everytime. You can not read anyone's heart or mind so why should you expect another to be able to read yours.  Think that over. Lovely poem over all though thank you for sharing..... oh and like brother bishu said, welcome to our little big community here at pp............Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.

bishu's picture

Hearty welcome to postpoems

Hearty welcome to postpoems.All my best wishes are with you.This was indeed nice for a start:)



Kittie's picture

Thank You So Much :)

Yeah! For a start well  Embarassed