Not English, We Want a New International Language! [Essay]

Yes, all of you are reading appropriately- “Not English, We Want a New International Language!” This is the very title of this essay of mine! It is high time we created a new language and acknowledged it as the ‘International Language’!


Language is not a matter of enforcing on a nation or any country. Language is something to be acknowledged from the heart. In 1952, the Pakistani Occupation Forces conspired to make the Bangla language extinct by establishing Urdu as the state-language. However, the valiant Bangalees stood against this injustice and heroically took to the street on 21st February 1952 with a view to pursuing a movement. Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar, Shafiq and so on laid down their lives boldly and selflessly by defying the bullets of the Pakistani Occupation Forces for the sake of Bangla language, for the fascination of Bangla language, for the love of Bangla language.           


I have made the reference to that historical incident of 21st February here because the Bangalees reasonably and aptly did not accept the idea of making Urdu as the state-language by outshining Bangla. Not a single nation can accept such injustice! On 17 November 1999 [30C/62], UNESCO [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization] announced 21st February as International Mother Language Day [IMLD] and the United Nations General Assembly officially recognised it in a declaration establishing 2008 as the International Year of Languages. On February 21, the day is celebrated to acknowledge the 1952 Bangla Language Movement in Bangladesh. In other words, International Mother Language Day is a global yearly celebration held on 21st February in order to uphold consciousness of linguistic and cultural diversity and endorse multilingualism.


But, the ill-timed matter is that even after the British discriminatorily ruled and oppressed India and other countries, those ruled and oppressed nations acknowledged the very own language of the British colonialists, i.e., ‘English’ as the International Language! This is nothing but irony! The British not only imposed rule, but also enforced their own language and tried to label it as the ‘International Language’ and can be said that they became successful as well. I think the endeavour to control the whole world by using a language is also a sort of colonialism.  


However, according to me, an International Language will be such a new kind of language that will be created by the presence and consent of the representatives of all the countries in the world. This new language will contain utterly new alphabets, fresh grammatical rules, original or selective vocabulary from all the current languages in the world etc. Notably, I published a ‘Kurine’ or ‘poem of twenty lines’ on 11 August 2016 titled, “Let’s Create a New International Language!!!” Here it goes-


In my dream,


‘He’ tells ‘me’ through a scream,


Claiming a new language,


That will surely carry advantage!



But we have an international language already,


I say being flabbergasted utterly!


We should have a new one, he replies,


It would be something really wise!



What is the problem with the present one?


English is accepted by everyone!


I am the one to discard,


Creating a new one is not that hard!



Why are you eager to create a new one sternly?


Would you please make it clear thoroughly?


Because a universal language I speak must,


That will be created by the consensus and trust!



The agents from all the countries on this planet,


Can assemble together to set,


The norms about the new global language,


Then he further says, let’s manage!!!           


To sum up, I would like to pronounce this much that I do not have any hatred or odium towards the English language and the proof of this fact is that I teach English to the students and I have written this article in English [as it is called the International Language now] with a view to presenting the information to more people and making them aware of the necessity of a new International Language! Yet I do think that the notion of creating a new International Language is not simply illusory or irrational! Even if the British went back to their country after dominating over this subcontinent for 200 years, their leftover, ‘English’ language, is still ruling us in an indirect manner and it needs to be stopped! Focusing on the aforementioned discussion, I strongly believe that the esteemed readers ‘will’ agree with me!

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Whatever Happened To Esperanza

No one wants an internatinal language - recently there was an article on how people who learn English can not understand Americans or Brittish speakers in practical matters. One's language is too culturally ingrained, the history, the present words for things, that keep us whole. We are Babel. - slc



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Good idea but we probably

Good idea but we probably need to start with a tower of Babel.  Then maybe we can find order out of chaos.

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Maybe! :)