What is 'Fiverse' and how to write it?

Fiverse’ [Five + Verse: Poems of Five Lines] is a new poetic form created or invented by me. In Bangla, it is called পাঁচপদী কবিতা. There are five lines and total 15 words in it. 1st line has 1 word; 2nd line has 2 words; 3rd line has 3 words; 4th line has 4 words and 5th line has 5 words. 1st line rhymes with the 2nd line; 3rd line is unrhymed; 4th and 5th lines rhyme with each other. The rhyme scheme is: AABCC. There are no punctuation marks at the end of the lines. Example is given below:


"For Your Love"

- Md. Ziaul Haque


Will die

For your love

If you I lose

Death is what I'll choose



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This is why I don't rhyme. (smile) rhyme schemes are confining - soooo, I leave it to the Masters! :D



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You can choose ‘Unrhymed Fiverse’:


"Fingers Crossed"


- Md Ziaul Haque




Crossed still


Hoping for change


As Hamlet does say


“Time is out of joint”