Today I have invented ‘tennet’,

A new poetic form,

Nearly close to a ‘sonnet’!

In the colossal literary platform.


The difference is- sonnet has 14 lines altogether,

While tennet has 10 in total,

Each line of a sonnet contains 10 syllables ever,

Which tenet in a tennet is not that focal!


From ‘ten' and ‘net' the word ‘tennet' does originate, 

‘Net' is borrowed from the word ‘sonnet' great! 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have invented the new poetic form called, 'tennet' that means 'poems of ten lines'. The word 'tennet' is a mixture of 'ten' and 'net'. The word 'net' is taken from 'sonnet'. The rhyme scheme of a tennet is usually abab–cdcd–ee, which is nearly similar to the rhyme scheme of the English sonnet- abab–cdcd–efef–gg; sometimes, the rhyme scheme may also be abba–abba–cc that is almost similar to an Italian or Petrarchan sonnet- abba–abba–cde–cde.


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abab cdcd ee

For reference, if I ever want to try writing a TENNET. Could be fun  :D



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Yes, dear Allets, it would indeed be fun! :) 

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Good show.  Keep them coming.

Good show.  Keep them coming.

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Thank you

Thank you so much.