A Symbol of Sexuality! [Sexual Unrhymed Poetenry: Poems of Ten Lines]

Perfectly shaped she is,

Like a statue,

Lips, breasts, waist, hips and all,

Are in flawless forms!


Sexy is her voice too,

So is the colossal butt,

When lustily at me she stares,

I feel like grabbing her and kissing!


Her huge breasts do not let me sleep,

I keep thinking about them with eyes open and closed!

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I Forgot To Write My Phallus Ode This Year

Why is length so important - women are most indifferent anyway, it's just a muscle spasm. I just can not find an aesthetic there: lovely hairy scrotum. With birth control, procreation has been replaced with lust. Truth told, I don't have a problem with lust, actually. If grabbed, I can kick really hard.  : )