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"When you are happy, you do not ask yourself- why am I happy or why does happiness come to my life? Similarly, when you are sad, you should not ask yourself- why am I sad or why does sadness follow me like a shadow? Accept both happiness and sadness as inseparable parts of life and your life will be easy!"

- Md. Ziaul Haque



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The up side and downside coexist best if embraced, acknowledge, and allowed to fade. Well said - slc



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Thank you!

Thank you so much!

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Wish i felt like that when im

Wish i felt like that when im happy, I normally have an overwhelming fear that it will end

My mother was a rainbow

My father turned her grey

they loved me like a sky lantern

they watched me fly away

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I Am Happiest

At family gatherings - watching the next generations develop and learn the world. Great happiness is in my prose - an old friend. Poetry - kinda okay, but saddness is in there a lot so...takin' 'em both as valid emotions and using them to create beauty instead of (all the time) tears and fear and all that - yeah! slc