Cool Winds

     Your out side,

the day is fine,

      The sun is shinning,

the breeze is nice,

     All is well and you think,

this is the life,

     out on the open breeze,

not a care, not a worry,

     Then life catches up with us,

the breeze changes in to a roaring wind,

     Cold to the skin,

you stumble and fall,

     You get up again,

but the wind is to strong,

     To hard, to cold,

      Does life ever feel like this,

when all is not well,

     And you feel like,

 you can't get up agin for fear that you'll fall,

     Well, when life feels like this,

     Dont stop getting up. 







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I've gotten up so many times before

I'm tired and want to just sit here

in the middle of the sidewalk.

Walk around!


I am not homeless

I am frustrated with the futile

and the fruitless. Give me

a pillow please. Any pillow

will do.


I am staying right here

let the world go on without

the sounds I make, the sounds

I made will have to do.

Dinner from the local greasy

spoon will suffice. I want

beef oin a bun, not bull.



Lady A








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well don't sit down to long,

well don't sit down to long, you mite get sore:)