Farm Life

     It's pretty simple realy,

stay up late, get up early ,

     Tough it out when things get burly,

     Dad says do it,

get it done,

     Always try to have some fun,

     You don't try getting out of work,

or else you'll fined it always hurts,

     Do what you're asked,

and do it timely,

     Don't boast,

and do it wisely,

     You get the job done,

no matter how big or small,

    Be happy you have work,

and you'll like it all,

     Now not all jobs are fun, 

some are just awful,

     Buts that's part of living,

just try to be lawful,


     So now you see how easy to be,

a tough young farm kid,

     Way out in Kimberly.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is basically my life

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boardergirl's picture

True story Bro!

Haha, I felt like this was farm life too. Never a break, always go go go...