The Girl In The Mirror

I look into the mirror 

The girl stares right back at me with her sad blue eyes looking as if they’re going to cry.

Those aren’t my eyes 


I smile at the reflection hoping to brighten her day 


But she only looks at me 

and frowns 

“You’re fake” 


she says 

almost as if she’s taunting 



This girl 

Looking through 

This cracked broken glass;

With tears falling down her cheeks;

Anger rages in her eyes

She pounds on the mirror 

She’s screaming 

The glass breaks more

Her hands reach out 

Around my neck 

Choking me 


I wake up in a pool of sweat.

I tell myself it’s just a dream, 

That the girl in the Mirror doesn’t exist. 


But was it really just a dream? 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about a deep inner struggle a girl has with herself. On one side she wants to hurt all those who have done her wrong. But on the outside she is always positive and shows everyone kindnes. 


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The Girl In The Mirror

Becomes the woman in the mirror. Dreams throw off the shadows. Turn on the light and shadows vanish (for a while). Thought provoking first post - slc



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Mirrors lie

The girl in the mirror lies. She is backwards. Inverted. Opposite.

Tells a twisted story of reflection. 


Enjoyed reading you. Welcome to postpoems. 

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