We are gathered here today

to offer feeble words


they seem so small.

Friends and family are here

and an angel somewhere

measures blow for blow.

What else can you say?

We light our little candles

to remember you

knowing all too well

they can´t take the darkness from the soul.

We remember you.


Solveig,  Solveig-

See you smilin´ in the sun,

hear you laughin´ in the wind,



You should have

learned to walk

played with friends,

laughed and danced and sung...

danced and sung.

And tommorrow

I´ll go to work, take the train,

pick up milk and bread,

but I can´t help but feel

with each moment, with each breath

that I´ve stolen them, somehow,

from someone...

Was it you?



Now even God is silent

but still we pray.

Oh there´s gonna be a mighty judgement day!

´Cause it´s ashes to ashes

and dust to dust-

do the dead really rise?

They must!  They must!

If some they die so early,

if others linger suffering,

if a sparrow falls

to the ground...

we´ll remember you.



Now all good things are three.

So won´t you bring your little trinity

and come and spread your sunshine round,

´cause we need it now.

It´s hard for us to understand

how you lived a life-time full

in the all-too-short season of your summer.

But we feel your warmth around us

and in your parents´ proud eyes

we see that you were loving and are loved

and you live on.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory of the second of three triplets.  The first one, Ragnhild, died only one day old. The song was written after Solveig´s death a mere week later.  Thankfully the third child, Halvor, lived and is (now) doing fine.

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saiom's picture

solveig lives on.. not just in the pale reflections
of others' eyes.. but entirely and forever