the sneakers

lay in the atic

not quite new not

quite used-the perfect

size the perfect fit with

a sturdy sole but comfort

walks with fashion and the

latter unreliable walked on

by to someothersensitivesole

nothing   ventured   nothing

gained ... in senisible shoes-

the shoes they never had a say

unwanted unskuffed unbroken

when all they ever wanted

was to s  t  r  e  t  c  h

under you weight to be

brok - en under your

heel to stinkwiththesmell

of you- the sneakers lay

in the atic    maybe one

day that style will come

´round again  or perhaps

your kids´ll drag ém out

and play dress up and

laugh at where your

taste went

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OH YEAH!! I love concrete poetry--especially when it says so much in analogy. I won't go into what I READ between the lines, but I WILL say that I truly like your writing style and voice. I have several shape poems on my page. Sometimes they just turn out that way with no thought or preconcieved notion as to making it that way. This was one of the best I've read.