A Response to my sister

some men have women

and have them again

their love is unyielding

but then so is their hand

they never learned that love is a choice

not bought and paid for and sealed in gold and 'ice'

so she bears his children and his weight at night

and he jokes with friends ´bout the old ball and chain

reads the paper at dinner then turns on the game


some men have women...

so to speak

to have and hold loosely

and talk alot

and she talks too and feels she's strong

and somewhere between moments incidental

shared in laughter and in tears

almost in passing

love is born

strong even in its timidity

the way that I

love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is a response to my sister's poem "'Some women have men..." which is unfortunately not on the net.

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J M's picture

so she bears his children and his weight at night....this is a nice little line.